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Rectory Homes are delighted to have been able to assist THE HADDENHAM SCRUB HUB by providing printed scrub patterns to enable the wonderful Stitchers to use their skills to make much need scrubs for local Care Homes.

The Haddenham Scrub Hub started on the 16th April by asking for volunteers and within 24 hours had 14 Stitchers (now 28) all sewing items for our front line workers. Initially they started by producing scrub wash bags which NHS staff use to put dirty scrubs in to wash them.

Within six days the Haddenham Scrub Hub made and delivered 140 wash bags to our front line NHS workers.

Now the call has come out from local Care Homes asking for scrubs, scrub caps and head bands. The expectation is that they will be able to deliver over 40 sets of scrubs and 50 scrub caps by next week the 4th May!!!

A massive thanks Alison Green who initiated this group and through the Fish Scheme is funding the raw materials needed.

23 April 2020

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