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Rectory Homes support 20,000 people

Since its establishment in Aylesbury Vale in 1991, housebuilder Rectory Homes has placed local communities at the heart of its ethos, with its longstanding partnership with the Heart of Bucks, which reached over 20,000 beneficiaries last year. 

Rectory Homes have worked with Heart of Bucks for over a decade to ensure their funds are distributed efficiently among local causes. The partnership works whereby Rectory Homes shares funds with Heart of Bucks, who does all the due diligence on requested grants, which maximises the reach of the funds. 

Sarah Vickers, Director at Rectory Homes, comments: “We have been involved with Heart of Bucks since 2008. As a company and on a personal basis we were often approached directly by charities and worthwhile causes and how to decide what to give and to whom was a very difficult choice to make.

“Heart of Bucks have successfully taken away the worry of getting money to the core of where it is needed.  Not only do we have confidence in the applications that apply to our fund as they are suitably vetted, but we also know we are reaching people who we normally would not be able to help.

“We have also been quite specific about how we would like our monies used and Heart of Bucks have listened and acted upon our criteria.  As a Company that is based in and operates in Buckinghamshire we can wholeheartedly recommend Heart of Bucks as the vehicle to direct charitable aims to where they are needed in the local area.” 

Last year, Rectory Homes’ supported around 30 causes which included anything from physical and mental health, to improving life skills, and strengthening community cohesion. 

For example, in 2017 their charity work contributed to a new accessible garden at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and support for young people suffering from anxiety and depression through its donation to Buckinghamshire Mind. Groups such as St John’s Ambulance and 1stStewkley Scouts have also benefited from Rectory Homes’ funds, as have Aylesbury Youth Action and the Bucks Play Association.  

Peter Costello, CEO at Heart of Bucks, comments: “Local businesses are often approached directly by charities and deciding which ones to support can be difficult. Our partnership with Rectory Homes takes away the administration and worry and provides a simple, flexible and effective way to make a real difference in their local community. 

“We have worked closely with the team at Rectory Homes to understand what causes they are passionate about supporting. Our knowledge and due diligence ensures that any grants awarded from the Rectory Homes fund not only fit in with their criteria but also reach those who need the funding and can use it effectively. 

“There are thousands of charities and community groups across Buckinghamshire, all working to improve the lives of local residents. Smaller charities in particular, which are pivotal to local communities, can often be overlooked by larger, national charities. The support of organisations like Rectory Homes is essential for them to survive.”

For more information about Rectory Homes, please visit www.rectory.co.uk

For more information about Heart of Bucks, please visit: www.heartofbucks.org

24 September 2018

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