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Top Tips for Moving Home

It is commonly regarded that moving house is one of the most stressful life experiences! With that in mind we have put together our top ten tips for making the big day go as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

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1.  Declutter

Moving home is the perfect excuse to get rid of those items that are simply sitting in your house collecting dust.  It is also great to move to a new home with a blank canvas to put your own stamp on your beautiful new property.

2.  Notify people you are moving

Once you have exchanged contracts, send out your 'We are moving cards' to inform your family and friends of your new address. You'll also need to notify the doctor, dentist, bank, schools and the DVLA. Consider making a list to keep track of who you have notified.

3.  Redirect your post

Although bills are usually electronic, it’s a good idea to make sure your post is redirected to your new address. This will avoid missed credit card bills or the usual catalogues and magazines whilst you change your address with all these companies.

4.  Pack in the right order

Start with rooms you least need. It makes sense to pack the items you don’t use on a daily basis first. Seasonal items you’re currently not using such as garden tools, coats and Christmas lights are perfect examples. Don’t forget to pack a moving day kit with kettle, cups, tea/coffee, soap etc., making sure the essentials are on hand and easy to reach for that stress busting first tea break!

5.  Search for the best deal for removals

Book early, check comparison sites and try different dates to get the best rate for a removal company. We suggest choosing a member of the British Association of Removers, listed on their handy website here - http://bar.co.uk/.

6.  Don’t rush!

A lot of the time moving can be a daunting prospect, why not take some of the stress out of it by giving yourself time to move in and unpack. Trust us, you have a lot more stuff than you think you do! Don’t give yourself an unrealistic time frame to be moved in and unpacked as this just adds pressure to an already stressful situation. Give yourself plenty of time and enjoy your new home.

7.  Colour code rooms

For every room assign a colour, match it up with the boxes and this way everything will be in its right place when you are all unloaded.

8. Leave a note for the owners of your old house

Write a card welcoming them to their new home, leave a bottle of something in the fridge, and also leave a folder with any paperwork for the house such as warranties and other useful information. Tell them who their neighbours are.

9.  Set up a food delivery for the morning after you move in

Avoid the hassle of having to shoot off to the local supermarket as soon as you have moved in. Why not arrange a delivery just after you've unpacked or the morning after, so you can enjoy a stress free breakfast in your beautiful new home.

10.  Take a note of meter readings

Once the boxes are in the van, give the house a final check and take a note of your gas and electricity meter readings. This will ensure you get an accurate final bill and help avoid hassle when closing accounts.

And Relax!

Once you have settled in and all the boxes are out of the vans, it’s time to sit back for a moment. Open a bottle of champagne and celebrate!